"Citizens of Israel, these are difficult days.

Every few years the State of Israel deals with a wave of terrorism.

After a period of quiet, there is a violent eruption by those who want to destroy us, those who want to hurt us at any price, whose hatred of Jews, of the State of Israel, drives them crazy. They are prepared to die – so that we will not live in peace.

We are currently dealing with a new wave of terrorism.

What we witnessed less than a year ago in Operation Guardians of the Walls, the terrorism and the violence, from within Israel and inside Israel, was the first sign.

This is a great and complex challenge for the IDF, the ISA and the Israel Police that requires the security establishment to be creative and for us to adapt ourselves to the new threat and read the tell-tale signs of lone individuals, sometimes without organizational affiliation, and to be in control on the ground in order to thwart terrorism even before it happens.

The security forces of the State of Israel are the best in the world. They are up to the task and, as in the previous waves, we will prevail this time as well.

Citizens of Israel, I ask, together with you, to share in the immense pain of the families and wish the wounded a quick recovery. We are all responsible for each other. We must all be responsible and alert.

I stand by the civilians and police officers who shot the terrorists in the various locations. I have spoken with some of them and thanked them on behalf of all of us. These are heroes of Israel who, thanks to their courage, have saved lives.

We face a challenging period. We have experience in dealing with terrorism, from the very beginning of Zionism. They did not break us then and they will not break us now.

The secret of our existence is the mutual responsibility among us and our determination to maintain the home that we have built – at any price.

Citizens of Israel, we will prevail this time as well."