Scene of Hadera attack
Scene of Hadera attackצילום:Gili Yaari/Flash90

IDF Brigadier General (Res.) and former minister Effi Eitam warned Tuesday that the recent spate of terror attacks perpetrated by Israeli Arabs marks the beginning of a violent uprising by Israel’s Arab sector.

Speaking with Galei Tzahal Tuesday morning, the former chief of the National Religious Party – the forerunner of the Jewish Home party – said that the spike in violent terror attacks carried out by Arabs with Israeli citizenship is a symptom of a larger problem in the Arab sector.

“We need to tell ourselves the truth: We are in the midst of an Arab revolt, an Islamic-nationalist revolt against the idea of Israel as the state of the Jewish people. They hold [Israeli] citizenship and have equal rights in everything, but they are separatists.”

“These 200,000 ‘good’ Arabs don’t need guns. The [Arab] sector is building a military force against the state, Israeli Arabs are becoming a separatist population. We may face a situation in which citizens of the country rebel against its authority and its sovereignty, included with armed underground movements.”

“Even terrorism against Arab Israelis themselves is intended to weaken the Jewish character of the State of Israel. And instead of collecting the illegal guns, we’re trying to extinguish the fire by dumping gasoline on it.”

“The first thing that we need to do is to collect the guns and to demilitarize the Arab sector, to stop fueling the terror attacks. Now we’re going to see an arms race between Israelis and Arab citizens – an absolute failure of the police to maintain order.”