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A high school in Middleborough, Massachusetts was defaced with a swastika and offensive messages and symbols.

The graffiti was discovered on the building and around the school’s perimeter on Sunday morning, WCVB reported.

Middleborough High School Principal Paul Branagan said in a message to parents and students that the vandalism was "extensive and deeply upsetting.” The swastika was spray painted on the front of the building near the school’s entrance, he said.

A threat against him was also spray painted on the outside of the building.

"The incident that took place on our campus is intolerable. I felt it was imperative to share this information with all of you. I am sure this is confusing and hurtful to you as well," Branagan wrote.

"There is no place for the type of hate these individuals put on display at Middleborough High School, and we are committed to working with the school administration and our community partners to both investigate the crime that took place and address the messages themselves," Middleborough Police Chief Perkins said in a statement.

"I need to make something absolutely clear; I am beyond frustrated that this happened at our school. The hateful symbols and threats have no place on our campus and within our community. This behavior will not be tolerated on any level. The actions of whomever vandalized our home does not define our school or the strength of our community," Branagan wrote. "The actions that took place overnight are beyond hurtful and we will work to ensure that whomever did this will be brought to justice."

Middleborough officials have launched an investigation into the incident, with school officials and police reviewing surveillance footage showing two suspects believed to be behind the vandalism.