Scene of the Hadera terror attack
Scene of the Hadera terror attack Gili Yaari/Flash90

As reported by Ynet, the police and Shabak (Israel Security Agency) are planning a wave of arrests of ISIS supporters in Israel in the coming days.

There is fear in the Israeli defense establishment of copycat attacks being carried out by Arab extremists, mimicking those of the Be'er Sheva terror attack last week, in which 4 civilians were murdered, and Sunday's Hadera terror attack, in which two Border Police officers, Yezan Falah and Shirel Abukarat, were murdered. ISIS has claimed responsibility for Sunday's terror attack.

Some of the arrests are expected to be administrative detentions, based upon the suspicion of intent to carry out an attack without providing evidence. Administrative detentions are not normally carried out against Israeli citizens, but the defense establishment is expected to submit such requests to the courts as a preventive measure, to prevent further attacks.

The defense establishment estimates that there are several dozen ISIS supporters among Israeli Arabs, some of whom have actively supported the Islamic State and even returned from Syria or Iraq after participating in those conflict zones.

The police are also expected to tighten the reporting requirements and monitoring of released prisoners, particularly those known to be ISIS supporters. The main difficulty remains in finding and monitoring lone-wolf terrorists, particularly those who remain unknown to the defense establishment. Such terrorists do not need firearms to inflict serious harm upon civilians: The Be'er Sheva terrorist used a knife to murder 4 Israelis.

Operations are already underway: Israel Police and Shabak on Sunday night carried out an operation searching a number of homes in the Arab town of Umm al-Fahm.

The searches were led by Shabak and officers from the Umm al-Fahm police station, and carried out together with Yassam fighters, Border Police, and other special forces. During the searches, pistols and Airsoft guns were found and confiscated, along with cellular phones, documents, computers, rings, and books affiliated with the ISIS terror group.

At the conclusion of the search, the forces arrested three local residents suspected of affiliation with and membership in a terror organization. Two additional suspects were arrested in other locations.

Meanwhile, the brother of one of the terrorists in Sunday's attack was found to be an investigator at a police station in Kfar Saba. Police say that he "is an excellent policeman, who was in shock after the attack." The policeman did not come to work today, but the police say that he is an outstanding investigator and is not expected to resign.