Professor Nachman Ash
Professor Nachman Ash David Cohen/Flash90

Health Ministry Director General Professor Nachman Ash has suggested that the coronavirus pandemic may be nearing its end.

Speaking with Yediot Aharonot, Prof. Ash said, "In the past few days we see that the rise is slowing. If no new variant arrives to turn things upside down, it may be that the coronavirus pandemic is beginning to decline."

The increase in infections last week can be attributed to Purim, Prof. Ash estimated, "This rise is the jump from Purim, which came a bit quicker, or maybe it's because this variant is more contagious. If this is the rise from Purim, then it has passed and we are likely to return to how it was previously or a bit higher, because BA2 was more dominant."

"Another explanation is that people are taking care of themselves a bit better, and that reduces the infections."

Prof. Ash added, "With regards to the current variant - there will be more infections, and it could be that this level of several thousand per day will continue another two or three months and then it won't be able to spread anymore because everyone will be vaccinated or recovered."

"The problem is that there a new variant may be created which will be slightly different in terms of its immunity, and it will cause another wave. I think that now we will have a period of several thousand each day, and that we will not develop another wave."

Prof. Ash also noted that as of now, there is no intention to enact additional restrictions or change policies regarding how the pandemic is being managed.