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I have: First thought to compose an update on the horrendous activities of Putin’s army in the Ukraine, but then I realized that I had some reservations about Zelenskyy and about sections of the Ukrainian military, so it will have to wait till another time, when the outcome of that war will become clearer.

Many: False impressions are disseminated, and perceptions held, about none or minimal alcoholism among Jews, and in Israel in particular. Today’s feature is a comprehensive investigation into that subject, that will show that in this respect we are no different from any other people, in fact we fail in our task to point the way to the nations.

A second: Item is on Jews and tattoos, illustrating that this trend of so-called body art has unfortunately permeated the psyche of our people to the extend that it is looked upon as ‘cool’ to mutilate the body.

Also: Why followers of the Bahai faith don’t drink alcohol.

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