Russian navy ship (illustration)
Russian navy ship (illustration)iStock

A Russian Navy ship that was recently paraded on Russian TV has allegedly been destroyed by the Ukrainian Navy.

The Orsk, a 370-foot long ship was celebrated by Russian military television as an “epic event” as it entered the port of Berdyansk on the Azov Sea, which is occupied by Russia, Yahoo News reported.

But Ukrainian officials announced on Thursday – only days later – that they had destroyed the ship.

“Russian TV was very proud to show off the Orsk a few days ago when it arrived in Berdyansk,” said ABC New foreign correspondent James Longman on Twitter. “They said it had supplies for troops.”

Longman added: “Ukraine [says] they were tracking it for days, and that it had weapons and ammunition to continue the siege of Mariupol. And they’ve blown it up.”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Hanna Malyar confirmed the claim in a video briefing. “Yes, it’s destroyed,” Malyar said when asked about the ship.

The Orsk had room for 45 armored personnel carriers and 400 troops, Malyar said.

“Celebration of one month since the beginning of the Russian invasion took place in Hell. 15,800 Russian soldiers marched in parade. The highlight of the column of military machinery was Russian large landing ship ‘Orsk,’” the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Twitter account tweeted along with a photo of the ship being blown up.