ISDEF 2022
ISDEF 2022Israel National News

Over the past week, the Tel Aviv Expo Center has been home to ISDEF, a convention devoted to military, security, and cyber advancement. Leading providers from around the world, as well as some of the most well-known Israeli military technology firms, presented their products and services to military and corporate delegations from multiple continents.

Among the more prominent displays was Israel Weapons Industries, exhibiting a variety of firearms; Shladot, displaying armored military and police vehicles; and Heven, which creates specialized UAVs with capabilities far beyond those available on the civilian market.

Software developers presented a variety of predictive programs, command and control platforms, and informational security packages to meet the digital needs of modern tactical situations, and robotic planes, helicopters, boats, ATVs, and even dogs were on display.

Several physical security items - including vehicle protection, portable blast shelters, and intrusion-resistant doors were exhibited, as well as monitoring technology such as cameras, motion detectors, and heat sensors. Infrastructure vendors displayed ways to make certain that electricity, gas, water, and communications lines stay open in the event of war or natural disaster.

Alongside firearms, other tactical gear - including rugged laptops, communication devices, rechargeable flashlights, and high-endurance apparel - were exhibited. Numerous training services, specializing in preparing soldiers, law enforcement, or other emergency personnel for a variety of situations demonstrated their capabilities.

The Magen David Adom displayed its new response vehicles, designed to keep both paramedics and victims safe on the way into and out of a disaster scene regardless of rough terrain or other challenges faced in Israel's emergency response community.

The Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit specializing in training and deploying service dogs for a variety of emergency applications, gave live demonstrations of its furry friends' capabilities and proprietary incident management software, drawing interest from numerous foreign delegations, and displayed to the convention a number of missing-person cases that remain unsolved to this day.

ISDEF has announced a similar convention, focused on public safety, disaster managment, and emergency services, to be held in early June.