Ketanji Jackson Brown
Ketanji Jackson BrownReuters

President Biden's nominee for the Supreme Court, judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, ran into some unexpected complications during her Senate confirmation hearing when Republican lawmakers confronted her radical leftist views.

One of the sticking points of the hearing was Jackson's definition of womanhood based on gender identity according to which each individual has the right to determine their own sex rather than one based on biological facts.

According to this concept a man can define himself as a woman (and vice versa) even without undergoing sex reassignment surgery and this definition must be accepted by society and the establishment. This entails providing men access to services and clothes traditionally reserved for women, having individuals born as men take part in women's sporting competitions, and obtaining special rights for individuals considering themselves to be women born as men.

Brown, who serves as a federal judge in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and whose candidacy for the Supreme Court is being promoted by President Biden on the merits of her being a black woman, was asked by Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee: "Can you specify a definition of the word woman?" To which Brown replied: "I cannot."

Seeing that a direct answer was not forthcoming, Senator Blackburn tried making it a little more difficult on the candidate: "The meaning of the word woman is so unclear and controversial that you cannot provide a definition for it?," she continued, to which Brown responded: "In my work as a judge I deal with disputes. If there is an argument about a definition, people make claims. I check the law and make a decision."

Senator Blackburn summed it up by saying, "The fact that you can not give me a direct answer regarding a basic matter like what constitutes a woman emphasizes the dangers of progressive education that we continue hearing about."