Erdan and Guterres
Erdan and Guterres UN Spokesperson

Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy will meet with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres next week, but tensions are running high between the parties.

Channel 12 News reported on Thursday that the Israeli delegation to the UN wanted to place a historical exhibition on the Knesset at the UN headquarters, but the organization demanded that parts concerning Jerusalem be removed.

Ambassador Gilad Erdan sent an angry letter to the UN Secretary-General, in which he described the demand as "rude" and added that the organization "seeks to rewrite history."

"A body that speaks of freedom of expression cannot demand censorship of an exhibition," Erdan wrote to Guterres.

Ahead of Levy's arrival, the Knesset asked to present an exhibition at UN headquarters to mark the 70th anniversary of its establishment. The Israeli delegation was astonished by the UN response that conditioned the presentation of the exhibition on the fact that all events related to Jerusalem would be removed from it.

For example, the UN sought to remove any reference to the Basic Law: Jerusalem, claiming that it is contrary to international law. The phrase referring to Jerusalem as “the eternal capital of the Jewish people” was also not to the UN’s satisfaction.