Protest at site of deadly Beer Sheva attack
Protest at site of deadly Beer Sheva attackOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Hila Avisror, 43, was injured in Tuesday's brutal terror attack in Be'er Sheva. She has since been hospitalized at Soroka Hospital in moderate condition. Today she recounted the incident, as reported by Ynet:

"When I entered the store, he came at me from behind, stabbed me twice and I fell. I saw that he was approaching the second woman. He looked me in the eye and had an evil look, of anger."

Avisror also recounted that she ran to the car and screamed at her husband to drive, while she was bleeding. "I had a miracle, I received my life as a gift. It was my birthday that day and we were enjoying a fun day out. Only moments ago I realized that someone was murdered right next to me, where I stood at the entrance to the store."

Four people were murdered Tuesday afternoon in a terror attack in the southern city of Be'er Sheva. Other eyewitnesses have given horrific reportings from the scene, as reported by INN on Tuesday:

Yaron, an eyewitness to the terror attack, told Channel 13 News, "I had gone to buy something in a store in the BIG center, when I suddenly heard screaming. I ran to the place and I saw a terrorist stabbing one of the young women, and another woman running away from there. I ran towards the terrorist and began screaming at him, 'What are you doing?' He looked at me and continued stabbing the young woman, and did not say anything."

"The terrorist stabbed the young woman several times. She was on the floor and I tried to treat her when he ran off, and he stuck himself in the vehicle and escaped in the other direction - and then the bus driver neutralized him. The terrorist was eliminated at the scene, they told me he was neutralized.

"I was just worried about the young woman who was on the floor, and about several other young women who I brought into a store nearby.

"The police officers arrived at the scene very quickly and managed it excellently. There were stabbings there but the other young women miraculously made it out."

Monica, another eyewitness, said, "I saw a man come ram collide face-forward with a vehicle. After that I saw the terrorist with the knife in hand in the square, near him was a man lying on the sidewalk and not moving. The terrorist walked around in the square with the knife in his hand and made signs to anyone who tried to help someone that they should not come close."

Site of the Be'er Sheva terror attack
Site of the Be'er Sheva terror attackFlash 90