UN aid to illegal Arab outpost
UN aid to illegal Arab outpostJerusalem Suburbs Forum

The Jerusalem Suburbs Forum sent a letter this morning to Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan after discovering that UN resources are being used to support illegal encroachment on state-owned land.

The support has been ongoing for many years and significantly assists lawbreakers living in illegal encampments, say members of the Jerusalem Suburbs Forum.

To start their letter, the residents explain the background of the situation, “We, the residents of Kfar Adumim, Alon, Nofei Prat, Mitzpe Yericho, Maale Michmas and Mitzpe Dani, live on Route 1, south of Jerusalem. For over a decade we have been facing encroachment by the Palestinian Authority on this important national throughway. In response, we created a joint committee, named the ‘Jerusalem Suburbs Forum’ to fight the illegal encroachment on state-owned land and Area C. This encroachment has been taking place with the support of the European Union and through the exploitation of a minority of Bedouin who are willing to break the law.”

The members of the Forum state that they uncovered a disturbing phenomenon wherein “every few weeks, several trucks belonging to the United Nations and/or UN vehicles assist in this illegal encroachment on public lands. The support provided includes donations of agricultural feed to animals belonging to Bedouin living in illegal encampments such as Khan Al Ahmar. Quite simply, this means that the UN is supporting lawbreakers and enabling them in their efforts to encroach upon land belonging to the State of Israel.”

In their letter, the members of the forum remind Erdan that in the past he assisted them, and that he “recognizes the strategic importance of this matter.” They continue by asking him to “take any actions you can, as Israeli Ambassador to the UN, to stop this abomination.” The letter emphasizes that “it is unacceptable that the UN violates Israeli sovereignty and supports lawbreakers so blatantly. The Supreme Court clearly ruled that the illegal Bedouin settlements in this region are to be removed.”

To conclude, the forum asks Ambassador Erdan to use all the tools at his disposal, “This fight represents a battle over State lands and Area C. We are certain that you, as someone who has in the past emphasized the importance of Judea and Samaria, and Israeli sovereignty over Area C, recognizes the implications of this Bedouin encroachment near Route 1 and will take actions to stop it.”