Linoy Ashram with her gold medal
Linoy Ashram with her gold medalAvshalom SassoniFlash90

Linoy Ashram, 22, won the gold in rhythmic gymnastics last summer - and on Thursday announced that she will no longer compete.

Throughout her career, Ashram won no less than 123 medals in five years of competition.

Ashram is the 2020 Olympic All-around Champion and won the 2018 World All-around silver medal. In both 2017 and 2019, she won the World All-around bronze medal. In 2020, Ashram became the European All-around champion, and in 2019, she won the European Games All-around silver medal.

With her gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, Ashram became the first Israeli woman to win Olympic gold in any sport, as well as the first Israeli of either gender to win an Olympic medal in rhythmic gymnastics.

In another one-and-a-half weeks, Ashram is expected to announce the end of her career as a rhythmic gymnast. In her field, age 22-23 is considered relatively old, such that the announcement is not entirely unexpected.

Ashram is expected to become a coach in her field, following in the path of her own coach, Ayelet Zussman.