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Just as the Chinese Flu was getting ineffectual in preventing global economic recovery, the globalist elites decided to escalate Russia’s invasion of Ukraine into a global war. Like their “two weeks to flatten the curve,” the 15 days to flatten the Tsar was deceptive.

Anthony Blinken, whom President Joseph Biden called the US “Foreign Minister,” recently toured Eastern Europe in a bid to get Poland to give its decrepit Soviet MiGs to Ukraine, because Ukrainian pilots already could fly them. In return, the Biden administration would give Poland a new fleet of US-made F16s, along with intensive training of Polish pilots. Thus, the US military-industrial complex would get billions of dollars of new orders, but decrepit Soviet-era planes would do the fighting.

American media reported that these developments indicate the new NATO “unity.” Alas, the Polish Prime Minister twitted: “Poland won’t send its fighter jets to #Ukraine as well as allow to use its airports.” They realize Russia could retaliate against any nation putting MiGs into the conflict, and attack any nation whose planes enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine. But so do Biden's men.

It is strange that Biden’s handlers want Russia’s incursion escalating to World War III. Even if a global war were to occur, the Establishment elites should not be running it. As indicated recently by Rochelle Walensky, Director of the US Center for Disease Control, there was ‘Too Much Optimism’ with Chinese-Flu vaccines, which the released Pfizer documents confirmed. Over the past year or so, Americans are being ruled by elites that are evil, or corrupt and totally incompetent. These elites are notoriously relaxed about ruining millions of lives, provided it suits their globalist, left-wing agenda.

Currently, there are over three million refugees from Ukraine, the largest number of displaced persons in Europe since the end of World War II. Poland has taken in around two million of them, which could destabilize the country, even without the Biden administration’s leaking to its media poodles that Polish MiGs will be used to attack the Russian Air Force.

Meanwhile, the first geopolitical social-media warfare has been unleashed on Russia by Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even CNN, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Visa, MasterCard, etc., have left Russia. Western corporations waging war on Russia are confirming to the rest of the world that the so-called “international order” and other relics of the post-WWII world, like the UN Security Council, are Eurocentric and obsolete. This could hasten plans for alternatives more appropriate to 21st century reality.

Across America and Europe, the works of great Russian composers are being banned: Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Stravinsky, etc. Meanwhile, Russia ships oil and gas to Europe and America everyday, as if nothing has happened.

The Cold War ended over 30 years ago; however, European countries, particularly Germany, have become dependent on despotic Russia. And the Biden administration made America join them. These countries are in the grips of left-wing ideologues with a delusional ideology; declaring nuclear energy and fracking are not needed, claiming the world could switch quickly to all-renewable energy with sufficient will and money, insisting on “degrowth” of the economy to avert looming human “extinction,” etc.

When Europe and America are dependent on Russian goodwill to keep warm, that goodwill can never be free. Biden announced banning all imports of Russian oil; a commodity easily sold through third parties. If Biden really wants to help, he could change course and reinstate US energy independence; make US a net exporter of oil again; open new federal leasing to supply exports of natural gas to Europe; permit the Keystone pipeline; reverse his horrendous opposition to the EastMed pipeline that would help American allies: Israel, Greece, Cyprus and other southern European countries; etc.

In March 2022, Wall Street Journal wrote: “The Russian invasion of Ukraine resulted from two immense strategic blunders, Robert Service says. The first came on November 10, when the US and Ukraine signed a Charter on Strategic Partnership, which asserted America’s support for Kyiv’s right to pursue membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The pact made it likelier than ever that Ukraine would eventually join NATO – an intolerable prospect for Vladimir Putin. ‘It was the last straw,’ Mr. Service says. Preparations immediately began for Russia’s so-called special military operation in Ukraine.” Robert Service is a British historian and an expert on Russian history.

Recently, Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, a pro-Democrat Party political operative, remonstrated the US on its tepid response to saving his native Ukraine. Whereas, he was one of the key operatives Democrats used, with false charges, to impeach Donald Trump; the one president that really armed Ukraine and sent Ukrainians offensive weapons embargoed by the Left, unlike Barack Obama, his left-wing presidential predecessor.

Vindman was useful to the Democrats, but he never understood that any country gullible enough to believe the Left’s empty promises about sovereignty and freedom, based on left-wing proclamations, will be left all alone when a nearby powerful despot invades.

On one recent Wednesday, Biden threatened the “toughest sanctions” in history that would deter an invasion, and by Saturday were never meant at all. But left unsaid are the years of avaricious Biden family profiteering in Ukraine. And left unaddressed are 13 years of Democrats’ kowtowing to Putin: the servile Obama-Biden “Russia reset;” the gluttonous Clinton Uranium One shenanigans; the wretched Obama’s “tell Vladimir Putin,… After my election, I have more flexibility;” the deranged vetoing of sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline; etc.

If the Russian incursion into Ukraine continues, and the severity of US sanctions and the ostracism of Russia by western companies and organizations persists, Russia is likely to turn to China to recoup its losses. Thus, Russia and China are likely to establish much better relations with each other than either country has with the US.

Meanwhile, China orchestrated and hid the origins of a virus that destroyed the US economy and undermined American security. Thousands of Chinese are in America mostly to aid in expropriating US intellectual property and technical expertise. In conquered Tibet; and in the cultural genocide of China’s Uighur minority, a racial and ethnic persecution featuring arbitrary killings, rapes, forced abortions and sterilizations, reeducation camps, etc.; Xi Jinping outdoes Vladimir Putin in human rights atrocities.

In March 2022, the Biden administration granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Ukrainians who fled the invading Russian army. Regardless of the motives of refugee partisans, Leftists see it as an opportunity to push the globalist agenda of replacing poor US citizens, who are mostly blacks and other ethnic minorities, with illegal aliens, and orchestrate a “path to citizenship” for the millions of illegal aliens pouring over the Southern border since Biden became US President.

President Biden has successfully turned a secure border into a thoroughly open one. In his first year, two million people surged across the border illegally; unvetted, with no idea how many had criminal records; were unvaccinated and untested, in a time of pandemic; without means of support; without competency or skills; etc.; cutting ahead of patiently waiting legal applicants.

Yet VP Kamala Harris was the “border czar.” When she was criticized after confessing that she had not been to the border, she scoffed that she had never been to Europe either. And in her inaugural visit to Europe, Harris advised NATO how best to coordinate European and American efforts to deter Putin. But she failed, and Putin was not deterred.

The European Union expects the total number of refugees from the crisis to reach seven million. And the EU has granted Ukrainians who flee the conflict a blanket right to stay and work throughout the 27 nations for up to three years.

After Biden’s State of the Union address, in which he advocated amnesty for “essential” foreign workers and young immigrants residing in the US unlawfully after being brought in by their parents, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a communist in every regard but name, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: “The world is watching and many immigrants and refugees are watching.” So granting TPS for Ukrainians that would essentially plant them permanently in the US, “should be how we are treating all refugees in the United States.”

Ocasio-Cortez should be given credit for her honesty. She is telling us what globalists are planning to do by escalating the Ukraine crisis: Swamp the US with millions of Third World derelicts under the cover of an unknown number of white Europeans; replacing poor US citizens with Third World vagrants.

The globalists are getting more reckless.

Dr. Sheyin-Stevens is a Registered Patent Attorney based in Florida, USA. He earned his Doctorate in Law from the University of Miami.

Dr. Aviel Sheyin-Stevens, Jur.D., CPA, ABV