Changing the clock
Changing the clock iStock

Israel will switch to Daylight Saving Time in the early hours of Friday morning.

At 2:00a.m. on Friday morning, Israelis will move their clocks forward one hour, so that the time reads 3:00a.m.

Daylight Saving time will end in the early hours of October 30, 2022.

Several months ago, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked (Yamina) announced that she intends to push forward a move that would lengthen Daylight Saving Time by around three weeks.

Though Shaked praised the move as one which would save on electricity costs while not causing inconvenience to students or the religious public, it did not move forward.

Earlier this month, the US Senate voted to approve a bill that would end the practice of Daylight Saving Time, permanently fixing the clock and ending the twice-a-year shift. If passed and signed into law, the Sunshine Protection Act would fix the clock beginning in November 2023, ending the practice of moving the clock forward one hour every spring and back one hour every fall.