The driver that neutralized the terrorist
The driver that neutralized the terroristCourtesy of Channel 12 News

President Isaac Herzog spoke with Arthur Haimov, the bus driver who neutralized the terrorist in Tuesday's gruesome stabbing attack in which four Israelis were murdered. Herzog asked Haimov to recount the day's events.

Arthur, 44, a father of five who immigrated to Israel at the age of 13 from Uzbekistan and resides in a growing community in the Hebron area said he, "told [himself] his life was in danger before deciding to shoot."

"You acted with heroism and composure," Herzog told the man. "I want to thank you [for your courageous behavior]. Seeing your actions on TV yesterday made me very proud to be Israeli," added the President.

The Bus Drivers Organization praised Haimov's actions, saying that the "bus driver's courage prevented this incident from getting much worse."

"This incident, once again, proves that the drivers are the country's flak jacket," continued the statement.