Destruction in Maoz Esther
Destruction in Maoz EstherCourtesy
This week in the early morning over four hundred police officers took part in a pre-dawn raid. Young families were dragged from their beds and brutally thrown out of their homes.

Surely, such a large determined force launching a massive attack at that hour must mean there was a clear and present danger, some major security operation against the enemy - they were terrorists, no doubt, planning to harm the Jewish State.

After all, increasingly, Arabs who are massively and openly supported by the Palestinian Authority and the European Union, have been illegally settling and building on Israeli government land. Thousands of homes, roads, schools etc. have been sprouting up on government land in contradiction to law and agreement with the PA and in defiance of the Oslo Accords.

Thousands of additional illegal Arab constructions are sprouting in the Negev, the Galilee and around Jerusalem, choking Jewish growth and security.

Every day, countless rocks are hurled at Israeli vehicles by Arabs, there have been terrorist stabbings in Jerusalem and just today, 4 fatal stabbings in Beer Sheva.

Those 400 policemen could have been put to better use..

Because the massive pre-dawn raids were not intended to arrest terrorists or demolish any of those Arab illegal homes.

Because they are not the enemy in the eyes of the Israeli decision-makers today.

Instead, young idealistic Jewish families trying to settle in the biblical heartland of Israel are seen as enemies, had their homes destroyed and are now homeless, their belongings scattered and even one of the famiies' pet dogs killed.

Building Maoz Esther
Building Maoz EstherFlash 90
טופז שליסל
טופז שליסלצילום: מעוז אסתר


Who is the enemy today? That depends on who you ask. A handful of shacks (one of them a synagogue named after Ahuviya Sandak) was the target of massive police action that morning.

They are indeed enemy number one if you ask the defense minister and minister of internal security.

They are enemy number one if you ask any Arab.

I asked myself, what is the common denominator linking those who consider them the enemy? I finally realized it. None of them wants a Jewish country and anyone who insists otherwise is the enemy.

I know it sounds crazy, but here we are. There is no other logical explanation; certainly not enforcing the rule of law because nothing happens to the Arab illegal construction. Note the illegal Arab village below.

Policeman on hill overlooking Khan al Akhmar
Policeman on hill overlooking Khan al AkhmarFlash 90

I am personally familiar with the handful of shacks that is "Maoz Esther". I took a group to visit them last year. All I can say is that I have never met a group of young people that made a finer impression on me. Their love of our land and people and their determination were palpable. My group and I were totally moved.

They are my heroes. This is not the first or the second time that they have been brutalized by the police and treated like the worst of enemies by the homeland that they just want to love and protect.

They will be back, of course. The idealistic brave young couples will not need to teach their children about Zionism and sacrifice for Israel from books.

They are writing the book by example.

The corrupt and misguided "leaders" who unleash police brutality on these holy young Jews have assured their own place in Jewish history, just like these heroes who will not be intimidated by them.

Same book; very different chapters.

Shalom Pollackis a veteran tour guide, who says: "I have the oppportunity to observe many sides of our beloved country. As a Jew who has come home, I am passionate about sharing my observations and thoughts." His book Jews, Israelis, and Arabs" describes them.He can be reached [email protected]