Cindy Grosz
Cindy GroszC.G.

When I see how many Jews wearing yarmulkes are running for office, it scares me. Most people would ask me why.

And if I get another phone call from a county committee member or staffer from a political party asking me for an introduction to “Jewish donors and/or Jewish voters,” I will call them myself and buy a new Yeshiva building.

There is a direct correlation between the aforementioned donor question I am asked and the novice politicians running for office. They are not there to promote Jewish pride or power, but to fool Jews into thinking they are important.

We ARE important. That is why we must take action now. We must vote for the best candidate for American Jewish and Israeli needs.

Many of the candidates are nothing more than “benchwarmers.” These candidates are being used by state and county leaderships to sway and convince Jewish “money” that they aren’t ignoring the Jewish community or even worse, are actually anti-Semitic.

Here are the signs that a candidate is truly someone Jews can trust and has earned at the very least the right to meet us and build a relationship within our communities:

  • Go through their social media and “Google” them. Where were they during the past couple of years? We’re they participating in rallies or commemorative events at shuls? Did they do something in reaction to anti-Semitism or were they “missing in action” until they became a candidate and became a Jewish supporter standing at a press conference or “standing with the Jewish people” in a tweet?
  • How many Jews actually have “plum” jobs in your local Board of Elections, County offices and are appointed judges and committee members? Much less than you think. Start fighting for these jobs NOW! On Long Island, Newsday does a great job reporting Nepotism and job perks and the facts are—Jews are not included in these important positions.
  • How many religious Jewish women are being asked to run for office? I can tell you that the percentage is much less- and the reason is because we don’t wear yamulkes.
  • Since many religious Republican Jews are President Trump supporters and many in the establishment Republicans are not, look for the “ America First, MAGA” candidate.
  • Since many religious Democratic Jews are anti “The Squad “ look for those who actually want to discipline their words and actions of hate, and not just ignore them..

Primary MAGA Candidates

2022 is “The Year Of The Primary.” Everyone, including Jews, is sick of being told who to vote for. In 2021, less than ten percent of eligible voters actually took the time to vote in New York. The result, a city that is unsafe, filthy and losing so much money, it might never recover from its losses.

I predict more Republicans and “moderate” Democrats will exit within a year. I predict New York City will lose five Congressional seats and even more state seats in Albany.

The good news is that primaries are everywhere.

In the gubernatorial races, Jews have no problem voting for Tom Suozzi in the Democratic primary, as he has a good relationship with his Jewish constituents in Great Neck.

On the Republican side, any of the three candidates in the primary, Lee Zeldin, Andrew Giuliani and Rob Astorino are all favored by registered Republicans. Polls show this is an open race, and the Jewish vote will make a difference. Zeldin has the disadvantage of being the party’s choice because the rest of the ticket is so weak. It is hard to imagine Republicans going out to vote in areas where congressional, state senate, assembly and legislative races are either unopposed for Democratic victories or with such horrible candidates that voters won’t show up.

The important primaries for Jewish support are the Republican primaries that help President Trump in 2024. Even Democrats are finally admitting to me that they would rather see “mean tweets than meaner prices at the store or the meanest leaders starting World War III.”

In New York, two primaries Jews should support. In NY-2, Jews around the country should support Mike Rakebrandt, a veteran and NYPD detective against Andrew Garbarino, an anti-Trumper and Congressman who has done virtually nothing with the Jews on Long Island, except show up for the occasional press photo.

In NY-24, the redistricted area, Jews should back Andrew McCarthy against Chris Jacobs, who has consistently voted against President Trump.

In NY-51, in the State Assembly, Democrats have a choice. They should support Erik Frankel, a conservative Democrat, local small business owner and former Conservatives Party candidate, who is running against a radical socialist.

I will continue to highlight races from across the country. Remember, both parties are seeking Jewish votes and money. Party leaderships are spending hours researching campaign finance donations in order to target YOU. Demand your power now!

I will be discussing this and more on my new radio show. The Cindy Grosz Show, Talk Radio’s First Jewish Woman Activist, is in syndication and airing in the Midwest on Sundays, 4:00 CT, right before Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show. It’s still in the tri-state area on 620 AM, Saturday nights at 9:00 ET and downloaded anytime through Jewish Podcasts in Jerusalem.

I am a proud Trump Republican, but I am a Jew first!