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A high school in Portland, Oregon was targeted by antisemitic vandals who covered the building and grounds in swastikas, KGW8 reported.

Cleveland High School’s doors, windows, field, track, and stadium benches were all spray painted with hate graffiti, including swastikas, over the weekend, according to Portland Public Schools (PPS).

Whoever was behind the graffiti also left threatening messages containing the names of people who are part of the school, principal Jo Ann Wadkins revealed in a letter addressed to parents.

They were subsequently notified that they were targeted by the vandals, PPS said.

PPS said in a statement that the vandalism on doors and benches had been covered up. However, the graffiti on the stadium field is taking longer to remove.

Portland police have been contacted about the incident.

In her letter to parents Wadkins denounced the incident, calling it unacceptable.

"This incident is an affront to our core values of racial equity and social justice, respect, honesty and integrity,” she wrote. “We value and respect everyone in our school community and understand that our diversity makes us stronger. Everyone is welcome at Cleveland High School and everyone belongs. Every student deserves a positive educational experience where they feel safe, secure and a sense of belonging."

Wadkins also addressed the school’s Jewish students and their families.

"To our Jewish community at Cleveland, please know that our community is better because of your presence and you deserve an educational experience free from harassment and hate speech," Wadkins wrote.