Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu
Rabbi Shmuel EliyahuDavid Cohen/Flash90

Safed Chief Rabbi and Chief Rabbinical Council member Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu on Wednesday called on Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to order the destruction of the nuclear reactors in Iran.

"We do not notice, but these days while the whole world is dealing with Russia and Ukraine, an agreement is being signed between the United States and the Iranians that allows them to make a nuclear bomb that has an address. They say explicitly, they do not even stutter, they do not hide it. They say they want to. To wipe out the State of Israel," said Rabbi Eliyahu.

He said: "We must do everything we can to destroy their [nuclear capabilities]. No less than that. Israel has already done this before; once Israel destroyed the nuclear reactor in Iraq, without blinking, without stuttering. Once Olmert deleted the nuclear reactor that was in Syria, nothing happened. The sky did not fall whether there was more condemnation or less condemnation."

"Even now we need to press the prime minister to erase and destroy the nuclear reactors in Iran," he added.

"What Begin could do and what Olmert could do, you cannot do? The public should tell him, elected one, do your job. We must do everything we can to pressure him to do his job. For what were you elected? For that. Do the job that is required. You must do it. If not now, when will you do it? Now is the time," the rabbi concluded.