Arrest operation
Arrest operationFlash90

Border Police in coordination with the IDF arrested a man wanted for terrorist activity in an overnight raid in the PA-controlled city of Jenin.

During the operation, dozens of rioters engaged the troops, firing live ammunition and throwing explosives at the soldiers.

At one point, an armed terrorist attempted to shoot at the soldiers from a moving vehicle before being wounded in an exchange of fire. No soldiers were reported wounded in the attack.

On Tuesday, Border Police arrested a wanted terrorist for questioning in the village of Batala with an M-16 rifle found in his possession.

Violent riots broke out as the forces were leaving the scene, with explosives, rocks, and other objects being thrown at the officers, who responded with riot dispersal tactics and non-lethal fire.

During the operation, a moped with two terrorists emerged, one of whom began firing at the soldiers, who responded by firing back and eliminating the attacker.

The wanted man was transferred to the General Security Services (GSS), with no casualties reported to our forces.

Earlier on Tuesday, undercover forces operating in the Bedouin town of Rahat eliminated a man who opened fire at them during an arrest operation.

No casualties were reported among our fighters, who seized the suspect's gun along with a cartridge and ammunition.

The last days' events follow weeks of tension across Judea and Samaria in the leadup to the month of Ramadan, known for flair-ups in violence within the PA and Gaza.