Alex Nachumson
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For many years, we were told by our friends on the Left and around the world that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs was about borders, settlements, Jerusalem or ‘refugees’.

This never made logical sense to anyone with a sense or knowledge of history, because we all knew that the conflict has raged for over a century, long before a single Israeli set foot over the hallowed ‘Green Line’, or even before the State of Israel was established.

The conflict originated on one single premise, the rejection of Jewish sovereignty in its indigenous and ancestral homeland. That was true then as it is now, one only had to witness the rebuffing of all the many overly-generous offers of peace to the Palestinian Arabs detailing concessions on all those issues which ostensibly we were told the conflict is truly about.

The major problem for our friends on the Left and in the international community was the Palestinians themselves spoke quite openly about their aims, the end of the State of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish People.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said he would never ever recognize Israel’s legitimate national character and Hamas included an aspiration to genocide of the Jewish People in its founding charter.

What is unique today is that some major and formerly credible human rights organizations have voluntarily been enlisted in the conflict against Jewish self-determination.

After maligning and libeling Israel in its recent report as an “Apartheid” state, Amnesty International USA Executive Director Paul O’Brien revealed the true intentions of his organization when he said that Israel “shouldn’t exist as a Jewish state.”

This simple comment should send reverberations around the world in that an Amnesty leader has admitted that his organization’s crusade against Israel is not about the so-called “occupation”, or any other grievance they may formerly have appropriated, it is solely about ending the one and only Jewish State in the world.

The guise that they might be doing so for humanitarian reasons has been removed because they have not and will not say a word about the dozens of states which proudly identify as Muslim, Christian, Arab, or as the nation state representing any other religion, ethnicity or people.

Amnesty only has a problem with Jews and Jewish collectivity.

Worse still, it has aligned itself with the most violent Palestinian Arab rejectionism.

Amnesty now openly shares exactly the same goals as Hamas and other terrorist organizations, even if their tactics differ.

The Palestinians and their supporters have tried many tactics to end or suffocate the Jewish State, whether economic during the Arab boycott, through wars of annihilation or through campaigns of terrorism.

Today’s war against the Jewish State might seem to be less violent, but it still encourages bloodshed. By trying to weaken any support for Jewish self-determination, Amnesty and their fellow travelers in the BDS and lawfare movements are emboldening violent rejectionism.

They are offering hope and a tailwind to those Palestinians who dream of defeating Israel one way or another. They provide an extra flank or front to the war against Jewish collectivity.

There is only one way Israel and its supporters should deal with Amnesty and others like them, and that is to reveal their hateful, vicious and anti-Semitic true face, and take active steps to remove their ‘halo effect’.

We should make sure that an organization that lives on donations to further its neo-colonialist war against the Jews is exposed and its privileged bleating exposed to all potential and actual donors.

They should become a pariah in the same way as a neo-Nazi who attacks Jews on the streets would, because their hate is just as fanatical and destructive.

We should approach the leaders of the 35 U.S. states that have anti-boycott laws and convince them to treat Amnesty the same way as Ben & Jerry’s.

The State of Israel also has laws to end Amnesty’s presence in Israel.

An organization that seeks the end and destruction of a state should not be given a place to work towards that end from within it. This is not an issue of free speech, but part of an attack alongside Israel’s worst enemies that can and will cost lives.

Israel’s long and exhausting war against violent rejectionism has known many forms, while some are openly violent, others hide their true aims behind the rhetoric of human rights.

Israel’s victory will not just be on the battlefield, but in the courts, in international forums and the court of public opinion. Each attack is meant to weaken Israel’s defenses in a devastating manner. We see it every time Israel has to take defensive measures to protect itself. These same organizations try and destroy the Jewish People’s right to self-defense through press releases, global lobbying and international forums.

While Hamas and Islamic Jihad shoot rockets, they launch press releases and reports to limit Israel’s ability to end the aspiring genocidaire’s military capabilities.

The war against Jewish sovereignty did not start with violence, but with words, which soon turned to brutal and vicious hostility that cost lives. The rhetorical war against Israel is thus far older than the military one, and we dare not ignore it.

Israel needs to treat these attacks like any others launched against its existence and defeat them.

The Jewish State’s ultimate victory, which will ensure an end to the conflict and bring peace, will come when Israel also takes a multi-pronged approach to the war and fights on all fronts at once. This will result in breaking the will of its enemies to continue and also bring about a wide acceptance of Jewish sovereignty in this tiny sliver of land.

Alex Nachumson is a retired IDF commander and CEO of Mivtachi Israel, an organization of former senior IDF Officers, and an advisor to the Israel Victory Project.