The Jerusalem District central police unit detained an 18-year-old Arab for questioning after the young man uploaded a video to TikTok.

The Arab, a resident of Shu'afat, uploaded to TikTok a video clip in which he spoke of his intention to carry out a terror attack, writing, "How amazing it is to pray and then to go out and fight for your land, and then to be a shahid (martyr)."

In the video clip, the Arab can be seen speaking his words while wearing a Hamas flag on his body.

After the clip was published, it was discovered by Israel Police's central unit of the Jerusalem District, and police opened an investigation into the matter.

On Monday night, the Arab suspect was arrested. The Jerusalem Magistrates Court has extended the suspect's arrest in order to allow the investigation to continue unhindered.

In a statement, Israel Police said: "The Jerusalem District Police is constantly working across the network to locate and take care of those suspected of carrying out acts of terror, threats, violence, and incitement."

"In accordance with the policy of the Jerusalem District Commander, all of the District's units are directed to determinedly and uncompromisingly handle [such issues], including monitoring, investigating, handling, and locating those suspected of committing different and varied crimes, while publicizing them on social media.

"We will continue to determinedly fight terror and threats to carry out acts of terror on social media and in every other place."