Mohammad Shtayyeh
Mohammad ShtayyehReuters

Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet leader Mohammad Shtayyeh met on Monday in his office in Ramallah with US envoy Hady Amr and discussed with him the need to "break the current political stalemate and stop the Israeli measures against the Palestinian people."

"There is a general sense of anger in Palestine because of the continued Israeli attacks, the invasions (of the Al-Aqsa Mosque -ed.) and the terrorism of the settlers because of the double standard in the implementation of international law and the response of the international community," Shtayyeh said.

He called on the US administration to support the Palestinian people, engage in political dialogue with the Palestinian leadership and fulfill US commitments, specifically the reopening of the US consulate in Jerusalem, and to defend the two-state solution.

"Improvement in issues related to daily life is an important issue, but it is not an alternative to the existence of a political horizon," stated Shtayyeh.

He urged the US administration to pressure Israel to fulfill its obligations under the agreements with the Palestinians and, among other things, to allow general elections to be held for Palestinian representative institutions.

Shtayyeh also asked the US administration to pressure Israel to put an end to "settler terrorism" and the "break-ins" of Jews to the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Temple Mount) and the Cave of the Patriarchs, which is considered a holy Islamic site.