Paris Reuters

A recent French survey on antisemitism found that 85 percent of French Jews believe that antisemitism and antisemitic sentiments are widespread in France, CNews reported.

The survey, published by IFOP, a French international polling and market research firm, found that 64 percent of the general population in the country and 85 percent of the Jewish community feel that antisemitism is ever-present in French society, and that 68 percent of French Jews reported that they had faced harassment and abuse for being Jewish. Twenty percent also said they were the victims of anti-Jewish physical assaults at east once.

According to the survey, antisemitic stereotypes are held by a large majority of the country.

The poll found that 30 percent of participants thought that “Jews are richer than the average French person” and 37% thought that Jews had too much influence in the French economy and financial system.

Those who were over 65-years old were found to more likely harbor antisemitic beliefs than younger participants in the survey.

Attacks against Jews were found to increase sharply when the individual was wearing a religious symbol, the study also noted.

The survey found that the Muslim population in France was the most influenced by the dissemination of antisemitic propaganda. Currently, one in two Muslims believes that Jews control the French media, the economy or the financial system, the study found.