PM Naftali Bennett
PM Naftali BennettG.P.O.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Monday spoke about Israel's absorption of refugees fleeing the Ukraine war.

Speaking at the national ceremony honoring Joseph Trumpeldor and the others who died defending the settlement of Tel Hai in 1920, Bennett said, "During these days, a significant challenge has been placed before the citizens of Israel: We are standing at the start of a wave of immigration."

"Many Jews want to come to come to us, to Israel, from the areas of fighting in Europe. We have an obligation not to disappoint them, to give our brothers and sisters the warmest welcome. To ensure that even on the day after - they have housing, places of employment, education, everything a person needs.

"Their place is here, with us. And the People of Israel will embrace them, in a giant embrace."

Responding to criticism that non-Jewish refugees are also being allowed into Israel, Bennett said, "At the same time, the State of Israel accepts Ukrainians who are escaping the danger areas and who have relatives in Israel, and we are allowing them to remain here with family and friends, as much as they need, until the danger has passed."

"We are partners in the great humanitarian efforts," Bennett emphasized. "We sent planes to Ukraine. We are setting up areas of aid there, and we are also part of the diplomatic efforts to bring the sides closer, along with other countries."