Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי

“How can we avoid secession? Because that's what's happening in France: secession ”. The former socialist president Francois Hollande had spoken this way shortly before leaving the Elysée. We translate "secession": to refer to neighborhoods, districts and areas of entire cities where the law is no longer in force and the culture is no longer Western, but in which Sharia law dominates, banditry and public services do not operate for fear of attack.

How long would it take for France if it decided to reverse the trend?

"The Permanent Insécurité" (Editions du Cerf), released on February 24, is the book by Eric Delbecque, former director of the Institut national des hautes études de la sécurité and security manager of Charlie Hebdo. Speaking with the weekly L’Express, Delbecque explains that it would take France 10 years to regain control of the "lost territories":

"You need a complete plan. And as I say it: the state has not even put itself in a position to regain control of these neighborhoods. These are political choices that will have to be made, without backing down. Because it can take up to ten years. If we don't show extremely strong political will, we won't be successful ”.

In Le Figaro, Delbecque explains that "there is a community dynamic that works to multiply these enclaves, the temporary or definitive 'zones of autonomy', a 'leopard-print France', where the laws will only have the strength to apply only to certain portions of the national territory ".

Another report, releaseג by Le Figaro, tells of French hospitals heavily infiltrated by Islamists and where doctors refuse to treat women and Jews.

They are areas where clerics dominate, those such as Saber Lahmar, who was detained for eight years in Guantánamo, returned to France in 2009, is now in prison in Paris and who will be tried for sending terrorists to Iraq or Syria. The story of Saber Lahmar is that of thirty years of jihadism. Born in 1969 in Algeria, he was in Bosnia between 1996 and 2001 with the Islamist fighters, is today imam of the Saint-André-de-Cubzac mosque.

But how many territories are we talking about?

Officially the DGSE, the general directorate of internal security, has mapped 150 French districts "in the possession" of the Islamists, as revealed by the weekly Journal du dimanche. In Le Figaro, the historian Georges Bensoussan, who edited the book "The Lost Territories of the Republic" ten years ago, explained that "more than 500 districts in France are declared 'sensitive'. To put it bluntly, we are talking about several million people who are subject to Islamist law ”.

But according to the former number two of the DGSE, Alain Chouet, who has just published the book "Sept pas vers l’enfer", in which he portrays a society deeply bound by Islamic fundamentalist violence, these areas number many more: "There are 1,514 neighborhoods where access to security forces, emergency services, medical and social services is prohibited. These districts are in 859 cities and 4 million people live there, or 6 percent of the total population of France ”.

In a month the French are called to presidential elections, already completely overshadowed by the war in Ukraine:Will it be the soumission, this sweet, seductive word from which Europe (France is only the forerunner of all Europe) does not seem capable of wriggling out of?

Alpaslan Kavaklıoğlu, deputy from Erdogan's Party for Justice and Development and head of the Security and Intelligence Commission of the Turkish Parliament, meanwhile declared: “The Muslim population will surpass the Christian population in Europe in 20 years ... I Muslims are the future of Europe ”.

We did not take Vladimir Putin seriously. We are not taking the Islamic Ummah seriously either. Europe, I fear, is doomed.