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Up to now, MAD has stood for “Mutually Assured Destruction.” It meant and still means that during the Cold War between the US and the USSR/Russia, both countries were deterred from starting a nuclear war because both countries knew, in reality, that any nuclear war assured that both they and the world would be destroyed.

So, for 75 years, the sane MAD has saved the world from a nuclear apocalypse. When historians untangle the immediate spark that irrevocably launched the Russian offensive on Ukraine, US President Biden’s and Ukraine’s Zelenskyy’s September 1, 2021 “Joint Statement “ will go down in history as the “Mutually Assured Delusion” that started World War 3.

At the core of that Joint Statement was the grand mutual delusion between Biden and Zelenskyy implying that America would overtly militarily defend Ukraine from Russia, but instead of protecting the world from war, the Biden/Zelenskyy “Mutually Assured Delusion” will actually have caused the world war. Today, we don’t know the exact inner workings of that delusion. But, when the proverbial “push came to shove,” Biden’s American generals likely forcibly connected Biden back to the reality that coming in to fight the Russians in Ukraine meant a thermonuclear World War 3. So overt US troops to defend Ukraine was nixed.

Unfortunately, President Zelenskyy is still laboring under the Grand Delusion. And, until Zelenskyy and the Ukrainians are disabused of that Grand Delusion, Russians and Ukrainians will continue to kill each other, and the President Biden will sleep-walk America and the world into nuclear World War 3.

First, in pertinent part the Biden/Zelenskyy “Joint Statement” said:

“I. Security and Defense
In the 21st century, nations cannot be allowed to redraw borders by force. Russia violated this ground rule in Ukraine. Sovereign states have the right to make their own decisions and choose their own alliances. The United States stands with Ukraine and will continue to work to hold Russia accountable for its aggression. America’s support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is unwavering.”

“Supporting Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic Aspirations: As the United States and Allies reaffirmed in the June 2021 NATO Summit Communique, the United States supports Ukraine’s right to decide its own future foreign policy course free from outside interference, including with respect to Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO. We also remain committed to assisting Ukraine with ongoing reforms.”

Putin read this Joint Statement, and correctly assessed it as an American declaration of War against Russia. For, it is, in reality, an American declaration of war against Russia.Thus, while, there was a smattering of Russian troop build-up in early 2021, a month after the September 1, 2021 Joint statement, in October 2021, the Russians starting amassing an order of battle of troops with the intention to invade Ukraine for real.

Fast forward to today, President Zelenskyy has “demanded” a NATO-deployed “no-fly zone” and delivery of Polish MIG fighter jets. Even, the Neo-Con Marco Rubio has correctly explained that a NATO/Ukraine “no-fly zone” means a nuclear World War 3. And, even Biden realized the MIG jets would mean World War 3. One has to ask: Where did Zelenskyy get the most-insane idea that his DEMAND for a “no-fly zone” and MIG fighters would be met? Answer: The Grand Biden-Zelenskyy Delusion. Somehow, Faux-President Biden must have given President Zelenskyy the “idea” that America’s military would be his Knight in Shining Armor in the face of a massive Russian onslaught.

And now, based on the existence of the Grand Biden-Zelenskyy Delusion, we can work backwards, and understand why President Zelenskyy “rationally” made the otherwise completely irrational and suicidal decision to reject all of Russian President Putin’s entreaties to declare Ukraine “neutral” and forswear any NATO membership. We can also understand why Biden has essentially declared de facto war on Russia by inflicting massive sanctions against Russia. Biden’s generals can’t stop Biden de facto-war sanctions, but they can stop him from militarily starting a de jure nuclear World War 3.

Just my imagination running wild, you say? Well, I have a Newtonian mind-experiment simple proof of the Grand Delusion. Imagine if before the February 2022 Russian invasion, Biden had clearly told Zelenskyy that under no circumstances were 1) American troops ever going to defend Ukraine, 2) ever going to create a “no-fly zone,” 3) ever going to provide a NATO or American-manned theater-capable air-defense system, and 4) ever going to provide Ukraine any additional MIG fighter jets or real heavy weapons. Under those clear dictates of American military non-support, would any rational Ukrainian leader have not reached a reasonable compromise with Russia’s Putin? Of course not. Faced with that clear “Ukraine stands militarily alone” reality, Zelenskyy would have had to have been certifiably insane to reject Putin’s requests.

Zelenskyy is not insane. Therefore, Zelenskyy must have been assured of overt, full and active American military support, the Grand Delusion. However, just because Biden and Zelenskyy shared a delusion or Biden lied to him, isn’t a reason for America to start World War 3 with Russia. It’s a reason to impeach President Biden for high-crimes.

On the other hand, if Zelenskyy had been correctly and fully warned of the reality of the limits of American overt military support, and still escalated with Putin, then, Zelenskyy is suicidal. But that is not a reason for America to start a nuclear World War 3 with Russia.

Either way, until Zelenskyy is brought back to reality, and completely disabused of the notion that American will go to a nuclear World War 3 to protect his county, he will continue to reject Putin’s demands that Ukraine pledge neutrality and cede Crimea and the extremely small parts of south-eastern Ukraine to Russia. The Biden-Zelenskyy mad “Mutually Assured Delusion” has led the world to the precipice of a real nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction. If President Biden doesn’t stop sanctioning Russia, and start peace-making with Russian instead, we will be facing an unstoppable countdown to a nuclear Armageddon.

Mark Langfan is Chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and specializes in security issues, has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at