Turkey has praised its connection with the Jewish people and the State of Israel in a video commemorating President Isaac Herzog’s visit to the country.

President Herzog and First Lady Michal Herzog visited Turkey this week, the first state visit by a senior Israeli official since 2008.

“The friendship between the Turks and the Jewish people spans over five centuries. Throughout the history of the Republic of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire – Jews have made significant contributions to society and have enjoyed a harmonious coexistence with the Turks,” the video said.

It mentioned the history of Jews in the Ottoman Empire and then in Turkey, and Turkey’s longstanding relationship with Israel.

“During persecution in Europe, from the Spanish Inquisition to the Holocaust, Turkish geography has always been a welcoming land shelter for Jews fleeing persecution. After the creation of the State of Israel, Turkey was the first Muslim majority country to recognize its sovereignty and establish diplomatic relations.”

The video called the relationship between Israel and Turkey a “pillar of security and stability” in the region and symbolic of friendship between Jews and Muslims.

“Over the years, ties between Turkey and Israel blossomed as collaboration between both capitals increased, and the relationship became a pillar of security and stability for the Middle East and a symbol of Muslim and Jewish friendship. Unfortunately, a divergence of views with past administrations and concerns over the Palestine issue led to a period of limited diplomatic engagement."

"Nevertheless, record-high trade and tourism during this period is a testament to the resilience of this relationship and people-to-people solid bonds.”

The video went on to say that Turkey welcomes the opportunity to have good relations with the Israeli government.

“Turkey considers the recently elected Israeli government as an opportunity to open a new page in relations. Israeli President Issac Herzog’s historic visit and his meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have created an opportunity to work together to restore this strategic relationship."

“Ankara hopes to build on this constructive dialogue and advance mutually beneficial interests in the fields of trade, energy, security, tourism, culture, history, and maritime issues. The Turkish Presidency thanks President Herzog for his visit and looks forward to meeting him again with a reciprocal visit in the future as Turkey and Israel work together to rekindle relations and provide security and stability for the region.”