Polio vaccine
Polio vaccine Flash90

Israel's Health Ministry on Thursday morning reported that that evidence of polio has been found in two fecal samples in and around Jerusalem.

So far, only one girl has been diagnosed as ill with polio. The two additional samples are the first evidence that hers is not an isolated case.

One of the samples was taken as part of an epidemiological investigation conducted by the Jerusalem District Health Ministry office, to locate those who were in contact with the sick girl. The [additional] girl has no symptoms. As part of the investigation, three samples were found to be negative for polio, and another 19 are currently being tested by the central laboratory for viruses.

Another positive sample was found in an anonymous fecal survey carried out in and around Jerusalem. The Health Ministry is expanding its investigation, its testing of fecal samples in the Jerusalem area, and the sampling of sewage in Jerusalem and other areas of Israel.

"The Health Ministry calls on parents to ensure their children are vaccinated according to the guidelines and to vaccinate those who have not yet received the immunizations," the Ministry said. "Whoever is vaccinated is protected against illness."