One of the victims being evacuated
One of the victims being evacuatedצילום: באדיבות חוננו

Two Jews were assaulted by a pair of Arabs in central Israel Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred in the city of Petah Tikva, as the two victims drove through the entrance to town.

One of the two assailants slapped the Jewish driver, spat on him, and cursed him.

The second assailant smashed the windows of the victim’s car and injured both of the victims.

Shortly afterwards, the assailants fled the scene, while emergency first responders were called to treat the victims and evacuate them for further treatment at Beilinson Medical Center in Petah Tikva.

“The Arabs’ car passed us and [tried] cut us off,” recalled Y., the driver. “All of the sudden, the Arab who was on the passenger side got out of the car, approached my window and spat on my face through the open window and slapped me. Afterwards, he cursed me in Arabic.”

“[The passenger] and I thought that this was it, it was all finished. But it wasn’t over yet.”

“Then the driver of the car, a younger Arab man, got out and pulled out a huge metal object, it kind of looked like a 10 kilo hammer.”

“He started to smash the windows of my car – we have pieces of glass all over our bodies. [The second passenger] was in shock, he doesn’t remember anything, he doesn’t know if he was head was injured by the metal object, or just by the glass.”

Y. went on to say that the Arabs were enraged when they tried and failed to cut off Y. on the road.

“It was all over nothing. They tried to cut us off and failed.”

When Y. called local police, the two assailants fled.

Officers dispatched to the scene managed to locate the two assailants and arrest them.

“The scourge of Islamic terrorism has spread over every city in Israel,” said attorney Chaim Bleicher, from the Honenu legal aid organization.

“The terrorists are raising their heads and looking for any opportunity anywhere to attack Jews. There is no choice but to fight back against the terrorism which is waiting for us at every turn. Law enforcement authorities must bring the assailants to justice and throw the book at them.”

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