Gravesite of Rashbi in Meron
Gravesite of Rashbi in MeronShira Hershkop/TPS

The gravesite of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, also known as Rashbi, in northern Israel will host on Wednesday and Thursday an event marking the anniversary of Moses' birth and passing.

During the event, the building in which the Rashbi's grave is located will be closed due to a closure order issued by the local council due to life-threatening safety concerns found by both an engineer and firefighters. Parallel to this, the Electricity Authority has also ordered that electricity to the site be cut.

In order to ensure that the order safeguarding the public's welfare, safety, and security is kept, many police officers will be stationed near the gravesite, to ensure that no one enters the building.

Entry to visitors will be by foot only through the town's main gate, and will permitted only until the outskirts of the gravesite. Entry into the building will not be permitted.

Prayer will be allowed near the gravesite, at locations which were set up to absorb the visitors.

Israel Police have set up road blocks at the entrance to the town of Meron, and individuals arriving in private vehicles will not be allowed into the town. Residents will be allowed to enter upon presentation of their identity card showing their address, and those who have paid for vacation rentals will be required to present proof of such, issued in their name, in order to be allowed entry.

Those arriving for the event will be instructed to park in the parking lot near the town of Meron. If that parking lot is full, the visitors will be instructed to wait at the Parod parking lot until there is space in the parking lot near Meron.

The Ezer Mizion organization will provide transportation for the disabled, from the parking lot near the town of Meron to outside the gravesite itself.

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