An 11-year-old Ukrainian boy travelled 1,000 kilometers (700 miles) alone from his hometown of Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine to Slovakia to escape Russian military forces.

The boy's mother put him on a train to the Slovakian border to meet with relatives in that country, after the bombing of the city's nuclear power plant by the Russians.

The mother equipped her child with a backpack with essential items and wrote down the relatives' phone number. on his hand "I cannot leave my mother, she can not move independently, so I sent my son by train to the border with Slovakia. He met people there with a big heart. A small country that has people with a big heart. Please save the Ukrainian children and give them a safe place."

As soon as he arrived in the Slovakia region, the boy won the hearts of the volunteers who received him. “With one plastic bag, passport and phone number written on his hand, he came completely alone because his parents had to stay in Ukraine," the Slovakian Interior Ministry wrote on Facebook, adding that "he won them all over with his smile, fearlessness and determination, worthy to be a true hero.”

The phone call his mother had made by the boy helped locate his relatives who had come to pick him up.