A 19-year old was charged on Monday with attempted murder for allegedly being involved in a double shooting at the Indianapolis Jewish Community Center on February 26, WIBC reported.

Police said that Latrell Williams was playing basketball with several other people during an open gym period when a disagreement broke out between him and another player over choosing teams for a game. He proceeded to take a gun from his backpack and fired at two men as they tried to flee. After he fired the shots, Williams ran off.

The two males were given medical attention and transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Williams was later identified by investigators from the JCC’s sign-in sheet and security camera video.

The suspect was charged with attempted murder, battery by means of a deadly weapon, criminal recklessness, and possession of a firearm.

“When young people use guns to settle their disputes, our community suffers. Those split-second decisions, as alleged in this case, have serious and life threatening implications,” prosecutor Ryan Mears said

A police spokesperson told WTHR that there was “no indication this incident was religiously motivated or in any way a hate crime."