Refugees flee war in Ukraine
Refugees flee war in UkraineiStock

Irit Yakhnes, Head of Public Diplomacy at the Israeli Embassy in Poland, on Wednesday said there are still thousands of Israelis in Ukraine.

In an interview with Galei Zahal, Yakhnes said, "We hope that the end of the battle is coming closer, but we are not prophets. Most of the people who we speak with say that they have hope that they will be able to go home. The people waiting in the line are busy with daily survival."

She added: "From the numbers we have available to us, around 2,000 Jews remain in Ukraine, who do not want to leave for personal reasons. But regarding Jews - the number is in the hundreds of thousands."

Earlier this week, Israel's Foreign Ministry said that 83% of Israelis had left Ukraine, but that 2,000 still remain in the country.

According to the Consular Division, since Israel issued its travel warning, about 10,200 Israeli citizens have left the country, of whom about 5,700 have left since the outbreak of hostilities.