Michael Malkieli
Michael Malkieli Arutz Sheva

Shas MK Michael Malkieli on Monday night blasted MK Gilad Kariv (Labor) for abusing his parliamentary immunity in order to violate the laws at the Western Wall.

Last week, Kariv, who is a Reform clergyman, brought a Torah scroll into the Western Wall plaza, despite the fact that this is forbidden.

"I want to use this platform to protest Gilad Kariv's very disgraceful conduct at the Western Wall," Malkieli said, while speaking to the Knesset plenum. "He came in a despicable manner, [and] abused his immunity in order to disgrace a Torah scroll."

"The people of Israel have great respect for the Torah scroll," he emphasized. "The people of Israel will come out to the streets en masse in order to protect the holiness of the Torah scroll and the Western Wall plaza."

"I think that this man needs to be arrested. He does not need to sit here smiling as he desecrates the Western Wall and abuses his immunity."

Malkieli continued, "I saw a video clip this week in which Kariv says that he doesn't understand at all why the Western Wall is not in Tel Aviv. This man does not understand why the Western Wall is not in Tel Aviv. We'll build him one... This man comes and desecrates the Western Wall's holiness, and you sit in the government and silently allow him [to do this]."

"When he desecrates the Western Wall, he desecrates all of us, and you silently allow him."