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This is a war-time appeal to everyone

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Dear President Biden, US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and Members of the US Congress,

Given the dire circumstances the world is currently in due to war in Europe and the rise in energy prices as well as unjustified dependence by the USA on foreign oil such as from Russia and Saudi Arabia:

We call on you to take immediate action to restore the flow of oil through the Keystone Pipeline and through the fracking of shale rich in oil during this time when Russia is on the warpath and at the same time is holding the world over a barrel due to its own rich supplies of oil.

Now is not the time to pander to environmentalism when millions of refugees are being displaced in Europe, oil prices are rising through the ceiling, and Russia's war machine is relentlessly on the march causing untold havoc and human misery and wrecking the world's economy.

A call to environmentalists: We feel your pain but now is not the time to bleed over the fate of forests and rocks because the price of keeping the Keystone Pipeline shut and stopping fracking from shale is destroying the American and world economy through skyrocketing oil price rises and concomitant huge increases in the cost of living. America's dependence on foreign oil, especially on oil from Russian oil fields is immoral and unconscionable and outright wrong and illogical (if not stupid) and is contributing to Russia's arrogance and recklessness in foreign and human affairs.

A call to the President of the United States of America: You are in a position and have the power to issue emergency Executive Orders and that is what we the people of the United States and all liberty loving citizens of the world plead with you to take executive action to start up the flow of oil through the Keystone Pipeline and through fracking and through any other means of increased petroleum output such as from offshore drilling as well.

Do not delay because inaction is destroying the American economy and making America dependent on foreign powers which is totally uncalled for since not so long ago, a little over a year ago, the price of oil was very low due to American energy independence.

Note: We thank the President for banning the import of oil from Russia as of March 8, 2022, but this measure is not enough to make the USA energy independent of foreign hostile powers, as the Biden Administration still seeks to get oil from anti-USA tyrants in Venezuela who hate the USA, and from troubled Saudi Arabia, and the possibility of obtaining contraband oil from Russia and Iran on the high seas. All this can be avoided by giving total freedom for the drilling and fracking for oil in the USA and Canada NOW!

Composed and submitted by Rabbi Yitschak Rudomin: [email protected]. To join, click here.