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Did you or do you believe anything the Biden Administration or the main stream media (MSM) has said about the Covid crisis? NO.

Did you or do you believe anything the Biden Administration or MSM has said about the 2020 election when you saw with your own eyes Republican poll watchers banned from Democrat-controlled counting, and hundreds of thousands of Biden votes suddenly thrown into the tally at 2AM? NO.

So, why, on G-d’s dear earth, is anyone going to believe the “Ukrainians are Angels, and Putin is Hitler” narrative the Biden Administration and the MSM is spewing about the Ukraine-Russia crisis?

In this regard, I’m going to ask you to remember one number: 6,257. What’s “6,257”? 6,257 is the number of nuclear weapons Russia currently possesses. The country the dementia-stricken US President Joe Biden wants to play Chicken-Kiev with and go “toe-to-toe” with has 6,257 nuclear weapons. In short, everything Biden and his handlers have done over the past year has had one result: To provoke Russian President Putin to invade Ukraine and escalate the conflict into a nuclear world war.

Look at Putin’s original “red-line”: Ukraine can not join NATO and must be neutral. After the Ukrainian carnage we’ve seen, remind me again, what exactly was wrong with having Ukraine be a “Neutral Zone” between NATO and Russia, a country with 6,257 nuclear weapons? Didn’t we all grow up with pre-woke woke Star Trek where all we ever heard was that there was “The Neutral Zone” between the Federation, and their arch-enemy, the Romulans? Wouldn’t having a buffer neutral Ukraine be good thing?

Not for Biden. That's why, instead of a neutral Ukraine we have a significantly decimated Ukraine with thousands dead. We’ll be extremely lucky if only thousands if not hundreds of thousands will die from Biden’s unnecessary provocations. Because, remember, Putin has 6,257 nuclear weapons.

To make matter worse, the Putin comparisons with Hitler are idiotic at best, and depraved at worst. Adolf Hitler’s 1938 demands for Czechoslovakia weren’t for the Sudetenland Mountains of Western Czechoslovakia to be a neutral zone, he was demanding that the Nazi Army occupy the Sudetenland Mountains, so he could run his tanks downhill instead of fighting uphill through the carefully and effectively guarded narrow Sudeten mountain passes. There isn’t anything particularly militarily “strategic” about eastern Ukraine that would provide Russia with an easier attack on Western Ukraine. And, Russia wasn’t asking for anything more than what they had already:semi-occupied - two Russian-speaking provinces in far-eastern Ukraine. And, just remember, if Hitler had had 6,257 nuclear weapons there wouldn’t be a world.

The Republican and Democrat war-lunatics are telling you “You can’t trust Putin or Russia!!” “Appeasement of Russia is evil!!” That’s news to me, because for 75 years the United States has been entering into all manner of nuclear and conventional arms talks that for the most part Russia and President Putin have abided by. There was no arms control agreement that the Democrats ever voted against. In fact, the Democrats loved the Soviet Union and Russia until Hillary Clinton concocted the Russia-Gate Hoax to tar and feather President Trump with purposeful lies that paralyzed Trump’s ability to build a real alliance with Russia against the real evil of Communist China. But, instead of making a practical alliance with a Russia armed with 6,257 against Communist China, we have now effectively declared economic, if not actual military war, on Russia.

But then Biden Administration admitted knowing that “Sanctions weren’t going to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.” Wait a sec, Biden knew that despite the sanctions, Putin would invade Ukraine and many Ukrainians and Russians would die, but he didn’t push a negotiated off-ramp for Ukraine to be declared neutral? Biden and his woke Demo-Hawks are sitting comfortably in Washington fighting Russia armed with 6,257 nuclear weapons to the last drop of Ukrainian blood. And we are supposed to blame Putin for the carnage Biden provoked knowing America wouldn’t militarily step in?

We have delusional Russo-Phobes chomping at the bit to assassinate Putin or create a Ukrainian no-fly-zone that would immediately lead to a nuclear World War 3. Last time I looked, assassinating the Russian President would be an act of war prompting a nuclear exchange.

And, then, you have Sec State Blinken actively pushing NATO countries to fly fighter jets and tens of thousand of anti-tank and Stinger missiles into Ukraine to cripple the Russian advance. Does anyone think Putin is backing down at this point? Just the opposite. Putin is going to order a general mobilization and may likely go tactical Nuclear. What then? Have any of the arm-chair generals watching the Ukrainian carnage been thinking of a realistic durable compromise off-ramp? No. In fact, Sec State Blinken is openly predicting a Russia, armed with 6,257 nuclear weapons, is going to suffer a catastrophic conventional Ukrainian defeat.

Biden's cognitively challenged logic coupled with the noise of his woke Demo-Hawks, only gets worse. What if Putin is actually ousted? Do we know if the next Russian Tsar will be sweeter than Tsar Putin? No. But, along these lines you have the worst of the worst possibility: Russia actually dissolves, the Russian nuclear command and control breaks down, and Russia becomes a failed state that loses control over its 6,257 nuclear weapons.

It is in the United States’ best interests to keep Putin and Russia exactly as they are because anything else could be 6,257 times worse. But, instead of reaching a reasonable compromise with Russia, the United States is willing to play a real live game of nuclear roulette on Ukraine’s “territorial integrity.” The lunatics have the keys to the American Asylum and the American nuclear launch codes. Heaven help us all.

Mark Langfan is Chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and specializes in security issues, has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at