Israeli Judo olympic medalist, Ori Sasson
Israeli Judo olympic medalist, Ori Sasson Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Olympic medalist Ori Sasson, who won medals in both 2016 and 2020, will announce his retirement from the sport in May of this year, Israel Hayom said.

Sasson, 32, began his judo career together with his brother, who is also a judoka. In 2013, he won a gold medal at the World Judo Championship games held in Tbilisi, Georgia, for his performance in the 100 kilo and under group.

In March 2016, he won a gold medal at the Judo Grand Prix, also held Tbilisi, in the over 100 kilogram division. One month later, he took home the silver medal at the European Championships in the same category.

During the Rio Olympics in August 2016, Sasson made headlines when his Egyptian counterpart refused to shake his hand, and then again as he won the bronze medal in the 100 kilogram plus category.

Now, Sasson is filming himself for a television series, and will take part in a press conference as part of the plot, Israel Hayom added. In that press conference, Sasson is expected to announce his decision to leave professional judo.

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