100-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Rescued In Ukraine
100-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Rescued In Ukraine צילום: ZAKA

Seventeen Jewish men and women were rescued from Russian shelling in Ukraine by Israeli volunteers last week as Russians troops started targeting civilian areas in the country.

The complex operation was carried out by ZAKA, a volunteer-based organization that has been responding to global humanitarian crises for the past 30 years.

Miraculously, included in those rescued in the incredible mission was a 100-year-old holocaust survivor who expressed her overflowing gratitude for her life being saved yet a second time.

With the help of charity, ZAKA managed to fly all seventeen Ukrainians to Israel and worked together with the Israeli Foreign Ministry to help them obtain Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.

During these dangerous times, ZAKA urgently needs more funds to fly as many members from the Jewish community as possible out of Ukraine and to Israel where they can live in safety. To make a tax-deductible donation and have the opportunity to save Jewish lives in Ukraine click here.