Aeroflot planes at Moscow airport
Aeroflot planes at Moscow airport iStock

Aeroflot on Saturday announced a temporary suspension of all international flights, beginning on March 8 at midnight Moscow time.

According to Aeroflot, the suspension is "due to new additional circumstances impeding the operation of flights."

"International services scheduled by Rossiya Airlines and Aurora Airlines (flights within the range of SU5400-5799 and SU5950-6999) will also be suspended," the Russian airline added.

"To reduce risks for passengers of inability to use return flights to Russia Aeroflot, starting from 6 March (00:00 MSK), will stop admitting on international flights passengers holding return tickets with the return segment to Russia dated after 8 March 2022.

"Passengers of international flights holding one-way tickets with departure from Russia will be admitted for carriage until the moment of flights suspension."

Aeroflot added that, "Passengers of cancelled international flights are eligible for a full refund of tickets."

"Passengers of international flights who are currently abroad and holding return tickets with a flight segment from Russia already used can contact the airline to rebook the return segment to Russia before the suspension of flights.

"For passengers staying abroad up to the moment when flights are suspended, the airline will exercise maximum effort to organize their return to Russia."

Aeroflot urged passengers to follow its news releases, but added that "there is no need for passengers of cancelled flights to urgently contact the airline for the refund."

"Unused tickets can be refunded at any time until the end of 2022, or rebooked on another route free-of-charge."

Flights within Russia will continue, with the exception of temporary restrictions on flights to cities in southern Russia. Flights to and from Minsk (Belarus) will also continue.

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