US President Donald Trump
US President Donald TrumpOfficial White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Former President Donald Trump is accusing the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack of “destroying democracy as we know it” by employing “Marxist tactics” against him and other political opponents.

“The Unselect Committee’s sole goal is to try to prevent President Trump, who is leading by large margins in every poll, from running again for president, if I so choose. By so doing they are destroying democracy as we know it,” Trump said on Friday. “Their lies and Marxist tactics against political opponents will not stop the truth, or the biggest political movement, Make America Great Again/America First, in the history of our country.”

Trump added that the war in Ukraine “would never have happened” if he was in the White House, further blaming the Biden administration for “record-setting inflation, an embarrassingly poorly executed withdrawal from Afghanistan, and an economy that is teetering, at best.”

He said all of the above is occurring “because of a corrupt election result.”

Claiming the “actual conspiracy” was to “defraud the United States” by the Democrats who “rigged the election” and the “fake news media and select committee covering it up,” Trump slammed the 2020 election results, describing it as “few things could be more fraudulent, or met with more irregularities.”

Trump further alleged that the media is refusing to cover recent facts about the election – “Such as just this week the special counsel in Wisconsin called for the decertification of the 2020 Election because of massive illegality, including election bribery, and the preying on the elderly for votes, which resulted in fraud of “95-100 percent turnout,” an impossibility, in at least 91 nursing homes.”

“The evidence is monumental but the Unselect Committee of politically partisan hacks, and someone who had a steaming hot affair with a Chinese spy, hides the facts,” Trump said. “Judges and even justices of the United States Supreme Court, are afraid to even look, as was the Attorney General of the United States, who was so petrified of being held in contempt or being impeached by the Democrats, which they were constantly threatening him with, that he was virtually a broken man who allowed for the systemic violation of election laws and other things to take place.”

On Wednesday, the House committee said for the first time that it had evidence suggesting that Trump and his inner circle may have committed crimes, engaging in what amounted to a “criminal conspiracy” in their failed attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election, the Associated Press reported.

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