Mohammed bin Salman
Mohammed bin SalmanReuters

The Saudi media today (Thursday) published extensive excerpts from an interview given by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud to the American magazine Atlantic.

In excerpts published by Kan News, the prince was asked about his attitude with regards to Israel and said, "We hope the problem between Israelis and Palestinians will be resolved. We do not see Israel as an enemy. We see it as a possible ally and there are many interests that can be realized together."

On the UAE's relationship with Israel, he said, "Every country has the full freedom to do what it wants according to what it sees fit. They have the full right to do whatever they see fit for the UAE."

Bin Salman also referred to the Iranian nuclear issue and talks between the powers and Iran in Vienna, saying, "The Iranians are our neighbors and will be forever. We cannot get rid of them and they cannot get rid of us, so we better resolve the issues and look for ways to coexist."

"Any country in the world that has nuclear bombs is dangerous, whether it is Iran or another country. We do not want to see a weak nuclear deal," he concluded.