Ukrainian Jews receiving hot meals at the border.
Ukrainian Jews receiving hot meals at the border. no credit

Diaspora Affairs Minister Dr. Nachman Shai announced on Thursday that his ministry has put together a new financial aid package of NIS 10 million to assist Ukrainian Jewry during the current war.

The package includes NIS 5 million provided by a Australian philanthropic foundation which supports causes in the Jewish world. The money will be transferred to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee for distribution to organizations working to help Jews and Jewish communities in Ukraine.

Another NIS 5 million has been allocated by Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman as part of the humanitarian aid Israel is giving to Ukraine.

A representative of the foundation, which wishes to remain anonymous, said the organization had been impressed by Israel’s swift actions and that it wanted to be part of this effort.

“We are assisting Ukraine during this difficult time for the country,” said Minister Shai.

“Alongside the broader aid we have sent to the Ukrainian people we are adding another NIS 10 million, coming to a total of NIS 20 million, which will enable the different Jewish communities in Ukraine to cope with the severe difficulties that have been created in recent days.

“This assistance will be designated for buying food, medicine, and emergency equipment for security purposes and transportation.”