Over 6,500 Russian citizens have been arrested over the past week after protesting against Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Demonstrations have expanded in recent days to 100 cities across Russia, with tens of thousands of protesters carrying signs and reading slogans against the war, while others laid wreaths near the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow.

The Kremlin disapproved of the protests and had many of the demonstrators arrested. Videos released in recent days show mothers trying to explain to their frightened little children who have been arrested why they are behind bars. Most of the children were arrested when they went with their parents to lay flowers at the Ukrainian embassy and carried posters that read "No to War."

One of the videos shows a mother named Ekaterina Zvizion talking to her seven-year-old daughter Sofia, while a metal cage separates the two after they were arrested near the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow. "I watched videos that showed the horrific and inhuman bombing in Kharkov, and I realized I could no longer sit and pretend nothing was happening. My heart was torn from grief and pain. I had very peaceful intentions, just to lay flowers in memory of civilians and children who perished in Ukraine. I just wanted to show that we are not indifferent, and that we too are dying of grief and pain here," the British Daily Mail quoted Ekaterina as saying.

Meanwhile, many testimonies are being published in Russia of people who lost their jobs after taking part in anti-war demonstrations, while others received severe threats.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov tried to downplay the protests in Russia, saying that "while Mr. Putin hears everyone's opinion, he also knows the role of those who have a different point of view and those who identify with such a necessary military operation."