Security forces in Evyatar
Security forces in EvyatarYael Vizel

Top Palestinian Authority (PA) official Mo’id Shaaban is calling on the entire Palestinian Arab public to mobilize to fight the "terrorist attacks carried out by the murderous settlers."

Shaaban stressed the importance of participating in a protest activity planned for Thursday morning to prevent “settlers” from intending to hold prayers at the Evyatar outpost, located near the Palestinian Arab town of Beita, near Shechem (Nablus).

"The crimes committed by the occupying forces and the Israeli settlers to intimidate the (Palestinian) citizens will not succeed at all. They want to influence the will of the Palestinian people, push them to make concessions, push them to surrender, and it will not succeed, as the attacks will only positively affect our people," said Shaaban.

Shaaban stressed that the presence of settlers in various areas of the “West Bank” and their attacks against local residents would not distract the Palestinians from the fight to defend their right to their land until full independence of the “state of Palestine” and its capital Jerusalem.