Russian tanks in Ukraine's streets
Russian tanks in Ukraine's streets REUTERS/Maksim Levin

Haim Chaimovitch, the owner of a kosher store in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Wednesday morning said that his store is emptying of basic products, and there are no new supplies.

"This morning there was an air raid siren - I am already tired of responding to sirens," Chaimovitch told Kol Hai Radio. "I go down to the shelter only when I hear explosions nearby."

"In Kyiv there are two kosher stores - one closed, and one still operating, which is my store. There are still customers coming in all the time. The supplies are unfortunately disappearing, but at the moment there is what to eat.

"New supplies I do not have - the city is blocked off and closed. All of the bridges are closed to traffic. But there is a restaurant here whose owner has left and he left me the keys, and there are more supplies there."

When asked what will happen when the supplies are completely gone, Chaimovitch said, "I don't think the war will last such a long time. We hope it will end quickly."

"Where I live there are still close to 100-150 Jews. I and another person are the only Israelis, all the rest are local Jews.

"I don't go out to the streets, but people who do tell me that the situation is not pleasant - the roads are blocked and they are building all sorts of obstacles there for the Russian army. The Ukrainian citizens are very active, because they are defending their country."