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"You have to understand, George. Ukraine is not even a country.” – Russian leader Vladimir Putin to then American President George W. Bush

The Chinese would say the same about Taiwan.

Before they gobbled it up, the Americans would say the same about the Republic of Texas.

Let Putin take the rest of Russia and annex Ukraine. Let Israel take over the rest of its country and annex Judea, Shomron, and Gaza.
It’s up to us to say the following about Judea, Shomron, and Gaza: We do not intend to use weapons or shed blood as dictators Putin and Xi are willing to do, but we cn use the same principles.

'Palestine' is not even a country. The Land of Israel is our birthright. God, the Creator of heaven and earth, gives us the Land of Israel to conquer and live on for all eternity.

The 144 million Russians widely support their liberation of occupied Ukraine. The capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, was the original capital of the first Russian nation. It was part of the Soviet Union for its 76-year existence. Ukraine was an artificial creation used to amputate limbs from Russia.

Putin knows how to act on weakness. He saw it in George Bush when he was mired in an economic collapse and had four months to go in his presidency.

That was when he conquered Georgia.

He saw softness in Barrack Obama.

That was when he conquered Crimea.

He sees a new level of weakness in Biden so now he will swallow up all of Ukraine.

No wonder the people of Taiwan are watching events with dread. If Putin gets away with this, China sees a green light to liberate something it also sees as not even a country.

The Bibi Maneuver

Putin wasn’t the only one who saw weakness in Obama.

Netanyahu saw it too. His "settlement freeze" wasn’t for Obama, it was for the cameras.

I remember visiting the city of Efrat in 2017. I looked at two former hilltops, Givat Dagan and Gvat Tamar. In the mid-2000s, each hilltop had a handful of caravans.

When I visited, I saw these two hilltops transformed into vibrant towns, each with hundreds of apartment buildings. All I could think to myself was, “There is no way Netanyahu built all this in the last six months under President Trump. He did this right under Obama’s nose.”

Remember that map at the end of the Obama Administration? It was a map of his beloved “West Bank.” There were dots everywhere. It was like the top of a sesame seed bagel. Each seed represented a new Jewish neighborhood or community. In the eight years of Obama, Netanyahu made any chance of a contiguous Arab State in Israel physically impossible.

He knew what you could do with an opponent who is weak.

The Bennett Offensive

I hope the rumors of Prime Minster Naftali Bennettt acting like his predecessor are true. If they are, he can, and should, get proactive about building up East Israel.

The Biden administration is impotent. It won’t do anything bold in the horror of this November’s congressional elections. It has proved itself limp by retreating from Afghanistan. It has proved limp by bowing to the Ayatollahs. It is proving itself invisible in the face of Putin waltzing into Kyiv.

If we built 500,000 homes in a place that is not even a country, the Americans will do what they did under Obama and Jimmy Carter.

They will rant. They will scream. They will threaten.

And they will watch.

Let Putin take the rest of Russia and annex Ukraine, but let's hope the bloodshed stops..

Let Israel take over the rest of its country and annex Judea, Shomron, and Gaza by announcing it and passing a law in the Knesset to that effect.

Naftali Bennett, if you are still the shark that grew a pipe dream into a $400 million high-tech behemoth, and went from not even making it into the Knesset to becoming our Prime Minister, here is your chance to prove you’re better than your predecessor:

It's where your forefathers lived, remember?

David Ben Horin is the developer and trader for Daily Endurance.