Bennett and Putin
Bennett and PutinKobi Gideon, GPO

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Bennett's office did not specify the content of the conversation. In order to hold the conversation, the prime minister was absent from the cabinet meeting for a period of about 45 minutes.

According to a diplomatic source, "Bennett expressed his concern about the situation in Ukraine, and the possibility that the fighting would intensify and lead to great humanitarian damage."

"Putin noted that he is ready for negotiations. In this context, the Prime Minister said that Israel is ready to assist as much as is needed and at any time in resolving the crisis and bringing the parties closer, given its special status which allows it to gain an attentive ear from everyone. The two leaders agreed to maintain continuous contact between Russia and Israel."

The Kremlin said that in the conversation between the leaders, Bennett suggested mediating talks between Russia and Ukraine, but Putin refused the offer.

At the start of the Cabinet meeting, Bennett had stated that Israel would send 100 tons of humanitarian equipment to Ukraine in the coming days.

"We pray for the well-being of the citizens of Ukraine and hope that it will prevent further bloodshed. We are conducting ourselves in a measured and responsible manner," he said.

Bennett stated that Israel will help the Ukrainian people as much as it can during this crisis. "In the next two days, a plane carrying 100 tons of Israeli humanitarian equipment will arrive in Ukraine for civilians who are also in the battle zones, and for those trying to leave. Kits for water purification, medical equipment and medicine, as well as tents, blankets, sleeping bags and other equipment that can help civilians who are outside their homes in the cold winter weather "

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