Shalom Pollack
Shalom PollackUri Yehezkel
What are we in Israel - and the Diaspoa - to learn from the current crisis in Eastern Europe?
That there are no altruistic, chivalrous knights on white horses to save the innocent from evil forces .
This has been the way of the world and always will be until the Messiah ushers in the period of world peace.

The Czechs learned this lesson in 1938 and again in 1968. Before the final blow, the victims were portrayed as evil by the true aggressors.

In the current case of Ukraine, the Russians have been employing diplomatic, military and propaganda - psychological tools to delegitimize Ukraine as a sovereign political entity or as a people independent from greater Russian history, peoplehood and culture. Russia is the caring, responsible Slavic older brother and Ukraine is threatening the entire family. And order is needed.

The Soviets (and historically the Russians) are the authors of this strategy. China studiously and successfully learned from their Communist mentor."Reeducation" camps are where minorities are taught what they truly want to be and really always were before they were misled by outside forces.

How does this apply to little Israel and the ancient Jewish people who returned to their homeland?

The Soviets, patrons of the Arabs, realized in the 1960's that their clients were not capable of defeating little Israel even with unlimited military and diplomatic aid and instruction. Repeated defeats reinforced the perception of Arab military inferiority and embarrassed their Soviet patron. What to do?

They embarked on a sophisticated campaign that Patrick Moynihan called "Semantic infiltration."

The "Palestinian People'' narrative was a brainchild of the KGB. They understood that primitive, aggressive Arab nations trying to wipe out the tiny post-Holocaust Jewish state is not a successful brand and just stiffens the Jews' resolve. The world's sympathy will always lie with those on the barricades repulsing barbarian onslaughts. The Jews at the time were seen as the victims and believed in their justice.

How to fix this perception? Create a national identity around which the Arabs can focus their energies against the hated Jews. That identity must be one of a victim that was terribly wronged by a heartless foreign invader of their ancient home land; the kind that the world can not in good conscience champion. The Soviet propaganda machine was the first to dare place the Jews in the role of Nazis and the Palestinian Arabs in the role of Jews.

The book,"1984" for the Soviets was not a warning against totalitarian thought control but a helpful play book.

In a world that was actively or passively complicit in the murder of six million, Jews, the tiny remnant in the Jewish state were given a short period of grace. The Soviets understood that this moral mantle must be removed from the Jews Only thus could their Arab clients progress in breaking down the wall of Jewish self confidence and moral strength.

At first, few outside the Communist and Muslim world dared adopt the KGB-fabricated absurd narative. But it caught on.

Today Israel feels it must explain that it is not Nazi and not trampling the rights of an ancient peace-loving Palestinian people.

One would have thought that this could never happen. But it is happening. The victim is presented as the aggressor and the aggressor the poor victim. Increasingly Jews are accepting the guilt and apologizing.

Yet - no matter how sophisticated and powerful Soviet "new think" propaganda is, it could not have imposed national amnesia on so many Jews if there was not fertile ground. The Jewish Left, in and outside of Israel, does not have the spiritual, moral and intellectual means to weather the attacks,They have joined the accusers.

It is not the first time in history that Jews have turned on their own .The KGB has had much experience with such Jews, who were leaders of the Communist party, until they were "liquidated" and "purged" by Stalin. It did to stop Left Jews in Israel from mourning bitterly when Stalin died.

The KGB had experience with Jews long before they launched the Palestinian Narrative New Speak campaign. They knew with whom they were dealing.

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